Success Stories

Stephanie Clarke and her team of assistants cross all the "i's" so that the closing goes smoothly. They are nice, funny and professional. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for your escrow services. Love the little house they work from too.   – Wendy B.


I have worked with many different escrow companies and Heritage Escrow is, by far, the best. Stephanie Clarke and her assistants are extremely thorough and efficient. I never have to ask for anything, as they always on top of every detail.  I can not say enough positive things about this company.   – Kieran M.


I really loved the communication, professionalism and customer service I received from Emily Patterson (Escrow Officer). I am a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (Loan Officer) with 13 years of experience and I truly appreciate great service. Our business has a mixed bag from real estate agents to lenders to escrow. I was extremely impressed with Emily on my last transaction. To be specific, as that is what people want to know about: 
1) Excellent communicator. She responds in a timely manner (critical in the escrow process) and she always has a pleasant tone/attitude-not as present as you may think in this business
2) She is action oriented-proactive. This is rare from my point of view. Emily is not afraid to pick up the phone to resolve problems and or seek clarification. She does not wait, she seeks a solution or answer.
3) Service. Emily was willing to stay late to ensure the timelines for closing were met, she was willing to make accommodations for all parties to meet the needs of the transaction and ultimately her clients. This is typically an exception to the rule. Many escrow companies make you work on their time, they forget about the client's needs. 
4) Team player-This was my first TRID closing, there were some uncertainties and Emily was great at working through the unknowns without creating drama. She is a doer. I highly recommend Emily and her team. Thanks Emily for your efforts, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.   – Jon N.


Carol Henke and her team at Heritage Escrow were quick to respond and great to work with. It was a pleasure to have an effective team get the job done. I would highly recommend them on a transaction. Thanks for all the efforts and hope to work together soon!    - Raelene G.



Extremely satisfied with Shana, I have closed files with Shana and we are currently open on a few. She is prompt, sufficient, extremely knowledgable and does anything you ask her to, she adds hat extra touch of making you feel like you are her only client. That is truly important to me as my goal is provide excellent service to my own clients. I have been in real estate for many years and have worked with too many escrow officers to count. When you are up to your ears with work, having a great escrow officer really helps your business run smoothly and takes a huge load off As agent we have so many daily tasks that we have to tend to. Working with Heritage as a whole has been wonderful. I am extremely grateful for the professional attitude each person has offered, most importantly Shana. I would genuinely recommend her to any agent looking for an escrow officer.   – Ashley T.


This escrow company is good. They respond fast to all emails and calls. I sell homes mostly in San Diego County, but if I ever run into a Temecula client again then I would advise them to use this company. Thanks again for the smooth transaction.   – Karl B.